Ready, Set… Read!

09 Jan

I have recently been hired as an acquisitions editor for Curiosity Quills Press.

Which means… what?

Well, their head acquisitions editor does the slush pile read and culls out all the obviously not-ready-for-primetime submissions.

The rest he passes along to his acquiring editors to read. From there we decide if we, on behalf of the press, will a) pass or b) request more (typically a full manuscript). Oh the power! (and the responsibility, but I will do my utmost to not let it debilitate me).

Once a full is requested, I again have the responsibility to a) pass or b) ‘pitch’ it to the head acquiring editor as something I think the press should contract. Actually, if any responsibility will weigh heavily on me it will be this one, from either side. Saying ‘no’, after requesting a full will be hard and taking a stance that *this* book is worth the company investing in will be pressure-filled too. Plus there’s an option c) revise and resubmit. If the book is close and needs just a few tweaks, I can offer this opportunity as well. The good news is there are other acquiring editors I can run my thoughts by so, never fear, I am not doing this blind!

When (not if, but when!) I find a story that the acquiring editor agrees we should contract, and the writer accepts the contract, I then coordinate their transition to the editing and marketing team. Never fear, any author I’ve found can still contact me (but, honestly your new editor will more likely have the answers!).

One GREAT thing about Curiosity Quills – there are NO form letters. You read that right. Every single rejection is personalized, with a bit of feedback on why the story didn’t work. I think this is what sold me on the job. Why? Because I, too, write. Of course, now I’ve crossed a publisher off my submission list by agreeing to work for them (too much of a conflict of interest, I won’t touch that with ten foot pole!), but the pay off, helping other people pursue their dreams will be worth it.

Oh! And did I mention I can take part as an editor in pitch contests? Woo-hoo, looking forward to being a sneaky ninja editor soon! That will rock.

Look forward to seeing you around the web. Remember, I’m NOT taking submissions directly, you need go to Curiosity Quills site for information on the submission process (or click on that tab, up at the top of the page 🙂 ).


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2 responses to “Ready, Set… Read!

  1. James Wymore

    January 12, 2013 at 5:33 pm

    High five!


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